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Vintera ’60s Jaguar Modified

60s jaguar

For players who appreciate the mojo of Fender’s golden era matched with contemporary features, we created the Vintera ’60s jaguar Modified. It’s got all the hallmarks that made this short-scale offset model a cult-classic, from its period-correct playing feel and neck profile to its iconic rhythm and lead circuits—including a classic tone cut switch that focuses your guitar’s chiming neck pickup while cutting low frequencies (informally known as the “strangle” switch).

The Vintera ’60s Jaguar Modified also has our signature oversized pickups, which deliver big sound with full control. And it’s built with a solidbody that’s lightweight, with great resonance and superb balance. It includes a deluxe gig bag.

Roaring through the Decade: Iconic Jaguar Cars of the 1960s

The Jaguar was the most sophisticated guitar in Fender’s lineup when it launched in 1962, with the most controls of any of the company’s electric instruments at that time. Unlike the Jazzmaster, which had a single toggle switch for its dual-pickup setup, the Jaguar had three slide switches on its chrome plate on the lower horn: the first two were on-off switches for the neck and bridge pickups, while the third engaged a capacitor to filter out lows and focus your guitar’s chiming high end—informally known as the “strangle” switch. It also had a fixed Adjust-o-Matic bridge, like a Gibson Tune-o-Matic.

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