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PDC Hydrogen Compressor

With the world’s shift to hydrogen-powered vehicles, original equipment manufacturers and other suppliers need reliable, leak-tight compressors. That’s why they choose PDC Machines, a provider of specialty diaphragm gas compression systems. PDC’s products are found in on-vehicle and station refueling applications, as well as power to gas applications around the globe.

Which air compressor is made in USA?

With a focus on Asia, the company has expanded its presence to meet rising demand for its products. PDC is building a new 148,000-square-foot facility in Lower Salford, Pennsylvania, where it will expand production capacity to help fulfill orders for thousands of units per year.

PDC is also expanding its research and development efforts to ensure its products continue to be at the forefront of the industry. PDC hydrogen compressor engineers are designing a metal hydride hydrogen compressor that is capable of producing a high volume of high-pressure hydrogen in a compact, quiet device. It would be ideal for hydrogen refueling stations.

The system uses a hybrid configuration consisting of a first electrochemical stage up to 4-8 MPa and a second stage based on cyclic adsorption-desorption on carbon materials to reach 70 MPa in a compact and quiet device. It can be driven by a cell voltage of up to 0.137 V at 0.2 A cm-2 and Nafion 117 membrane, which is comparable to the performance of an EHC in hydrogen automotive applications.

Hybrid configurations offer a promising alternative to mechanical hydrogen compressors in the framework of decentralized facilities, such as hydrogen refueling stations. This could significantly reduce the overall cost of hydrogen production, compared with current solutions (e.g. metal hydride compressors), while also reducing the size and weight of the device.

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