Free Palestine campaign Our compaign leader

Our compaign leader

About Madison Pritchard

Madison Pritchard is an activist passionate about advocating for the liberation and self-determination of Palestinians. She is a member of the Free Palestine campaign, a grassroots organization that works to end the Israeli occupation and bring justice to Palestinians.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Madison moved to New York City in her early twenties. She has been deeply involved in activism and advocacy for Palestinian rights since that time. In 2016, Madison joined the Free Palestine campaign and has since become an active member of their team. As part of her role at the organization, she has worked on various campaigns such as boycotts, protests, and education initiatives.

In addition to her work with Free Palestine, Madison is also heavily involved in various other organizations that are dedicated to fighting for social justice issues around the world. She has helped launch numerous campaigns on topics ranging from immigration reform to gender equality. Madison also regularly speaks at public events and forums on issues related to Palestine and other Middle Eastern countries.

In her free time, Madison enjoys traveling around the world and learning about different cultures and people’s stories. Through her travels, she hopes to gain new perspectives so she can better serve her cause and those around her in need of help or justice.