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How to Stop Instagram Bots

Often times, people use bot services to help them grow their Instagram follower count and increase engagement rates. However, these bots are not only unethical but can actually cause more harm than good. They can ruin your account’s reputation by spreading fake or negative information, damage the image of your brand, and make your real followers unhappy. Furthermore, Instagram has strict rules against the use of bots and can ban your account if it suspects you are using one.

Stopping Instagram bots is crucial to keeping the platform genuine and safe for all users. The best way to stop insta bots is to keep an eye out for their dead giveaways. Bots tend to have generic, rehashed comments that aren’t really relevant to the photo they’re commenting on. They also usually have a very lopsided following-to-followers ratio.

Another way to spot a bot is by looking at their profile. If it’s spammed with smiley face emojis or follows hundreds of accounts, it’s probably not a real user.

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Finally, if you notice a spammer on your list of followers, remove them. Using a tool like Followers Blocker will help you clean up your following list and prevent future spammers from finding your account. You can even block specific words and phrases from being left as comments on your photos which will prevent these bots from causing any more havoc in the future! For example, you can block words such as “Hot,” “Check DM,” and “Promote Me.” With these tools in place, you’ll be on your way to having an authentic, untouched, and thriving Instagram account.

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