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CBD Cat Treats Near Me

cbd cat treats near me

For cats, consuming CBD can be difficult. This is because they are usually hesitant to ingest anything that smells remotely like medicine or health products. This is why cbdMD designed cbd cat treats near me with flavors that are irresistible to cats, making them the perfect solution to help your pet enjoy the benefits of CBD without any hassle.

The regular formula has a chicken and catnip flavor that most housecats will instantly recognize, which makes it easy to add to your pet’s meals as a treat. Each chew contains 2mg of CBD and traces of other beneficial cannabinoids, making this product a great choice for pets who require lower doses of CBD to feel the effects.

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You can expect the calming effect of these CBD pet treats to last from 4-8 hours, which is ideal for helping your cat get comfortable on trips or if they are anxious or stressed due to other situations. However, keep in mind that these treats should not replace your pet’s regular kibble or wet food. You should give them to your pet as a snack or reward for good behavior.

This CBD oil for cats is formulated with a blend of natural oils, including olive and shea, to provide your pet with a smooth consistency that is easily digested. It also includes a full-spectrum formula to provide your pet with more of the hemp plant’s wellness benefits. Its organic ingredients make it a gentle alternative to conventional pet medications for reducing inflammation and enhancing the immune system.

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