Day: August 14, 2023

Advantages of an Air Tube HeadsetAdvantages of an Air Tube Headset

Airtube headset replaces a portion of the wired headphones with an empty tube of air. This limits EMF radiation and offers an excellent sound experience. Many people who have tried them never go back to traditional wired headphones.

They fit in the ear like regular earbuds and work with all phones. You can make phone calls and listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks, and more. There is a control button on the headset to answer or end a call or play or pause a song or audiobook. These headsets are very comfortable and have a long tangle-free cord. They also come with different-sized earbud covers and a carrying case.

The Future of Audio: Exploring the Benefits of AirTube Headsets

The best feature is that they eliminate EMF radiation that comes from the metal wire in a regular headset cable by replacing it with an empty air tube. The headset is much more comfortable to wear because there is no metal touching your ears. The only downside is that RF Radiation can still travel up the cord into your body or any part of it. This can be easily eliminated by adding a small ferrite bead to the bottom of the cord.

One of the biggest advantages of an air tube headset is that it can be used with most other 3.5mm sound gadgets as well such as mp3 players, tablets and computers. Some even have a microphone for making phone calls. These are great for anyone who has to use a telephone a lot or wants to cut down on their cellphone radiation exposure.